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Due to a harsh economic environment, more and more consumers, homeowners, business owners, and other individuals are seeing financial hardships unlike anything before. If you are currently suffering with the burden of debt, do not think that you are alone.

Millions of Americans are filing for bankruptcy annually, but even more people are suffering financially without seeking the professional help they need. Our Ventura bankruptcy attorney has personally helped thousands of clients in the community reach debt-free living through bankruptcy protection.

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We know that you may have plenty of questions or concerns regarding this season of your life. Our Ventura bankruptcy attorneys have compiled a short list of questions and answers to bring you peace of mind.

Bankruptcy FAQs

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Is Filing for Bankruptcy Right for You?

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Filing for bankruptcy is not the best solution for every consumer debtor. If you are considering filing for bankruptcy, we can help determine which option best suits your current and future financial goals.

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About Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 bankruptcy refers to the process of liquidating your assets and using the proceeds to eliminate your debt. Many consumers assume that Chapter 7 will mean they will lose their home or car, but certain property can be kept under California's exemption laws.

Filing for bankruptcy protection can help eliminate:

  • Credit card debt
  • Other secured debts

Our Ventura Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney has handled thousands of cases throughout the state of California, including appearances in all levels of State and Federal Courts. We are ready to stand at your side as you seek long-term financial stability and relief from debt.

Passing the Means Test

In order to qualify for Chapter 7, the courts will require that you pass what is called a "Means Test." Essentially, this test assesses your gross income and expenditures to determine your amount of leftover finances. Depending on your disposable income, you may or may not be eligible to file for Chapter 7.

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If you are currently struggling with the burden of debt or are considering filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, we are here to address all of your concerns. Today could be the day that you make a decision to regain control of your life - and enjoy financial freedom for years to come.

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