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At the Law Offices of Janet L. Mertes, we understand the anxiety and conflicting emotions concerning a family law matter. Most likely, it will be one of the most distressing and important events you will ever encounter. Our compassionate Ventura divorce lawyer can provide the supportive guidance and firm representation you need to settle your family law matter as stress free as possible.

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Regardless of the family law issue you are confronting, we are firmly committed to not only resolving the legal matter, but also addressing your fears and uncertainty. We want to understand your concerns, so we can respect your wishes and help you achieve your desired goals.

Together, we can develop a plan that honors your requests while protecting your best interests. We make every effort to negotiate an amicable, fair, and reasonable decree without escalating the tension and hostilities between you and your partner. However, if a harmonious settlement is not possible, we can provide the assertive representation you require to fight for and protect your rights under California Law.

We can provide the legal counsel you need for numerous family law concerns, including:

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Our firm has helped thousands of clients successfully resolve their legal challenges so they can continue on and enjoy the next stage of their life. At the Law Offices of Janet L. Mertes, it has been our experience that many of our clients are seeking candid and perceptive answers to the questions concerning their family law matters.

We offer a free, initial consultation so we can learn the details of your situation and address any concerns you might have. It is our belief that keeping the lines of communication open so you can make informed decisions is paramount in any attorney-client relationship.

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