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After weathering a divorce, managing an unfair child support agreement could put you and your family under economic and emotional stress. Our Ventura family lawyer at the Law Offices of Janet L. Mertes can offer you the compassionate, down-to-earth guidance you need while navigating the California family court system for your child support request.

Family court decisions can take a long time to finalize and be confusing. Let us help you get on the best path for you and your child.

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Who Pays Child Support?

Federal and state laws require both the father and mother to pay child support. In most cases the parent awarded primary custody of their child is paid child support by the other parent. If both parties are married at the time the child is conceived, then both parties are responsible for supporting their child in a divorce. If not married at the time, the court will order the parentage to be determined in order for the child to have a legal father.

Factors that Determine Amount of Child Support

California Family Code determines child support amounts through unique guidelines. These guidelines seek to place the interests of children as the state’s top priority. The most significant factors in the guidelines are:

  • the income of each party
  • the percentage of time they spend with the children

Our experienced child support attorneys at the Law Offices of Janet L. Mertes can give you an in-depth look at the other factors and guidelines.

Has a Child Support Request Negatively Affected You?

  • Have your wages been garnished?
    • Did you know that California may garnish up to 50% of your wages for unpaid child support?
  • Are you unable to afford your child support request?
    • If you have changed jobs, or recently lost your job and are no longer able to afford your payments you may be able to request a modification to the child support agreement. Don’t wait to contact a divorce lawyer today. Modifications to child support in court can take a long time.
  • Has your license been suspended due to child support payments in arrears?
    • If you are unable to work due to the suspension of your license and therefore cannot make child support payments, we can help put a plan in motion to get it reinstated.

Can a Lawyer Help Reduce Child Support?

If you are looking to modify your child support order, an attorney can work with you to file a modification request in order to get the process started. Additionally, working with a lawyer will be beneficial as they will administrate on your behalf with paperwork, gaining necessary information, and court representation.

Experienced and Compassionate Ventura Child Support Attorney

We can help. We’ve helped hundreds of families over the years. Our experienced, Ventura family law lawyers at Janet Meters Law Offices can get you on the right track for a fair, balanced child support request. We offer free consultations.

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